Lori A. Samilson, Esq.

Just as no two marriages are alike, no two divorces are alike.  Lori A. Samilson, Esquire has almost thirty years of legal experience, primarily in the field of divorce and family law.  When you engage the services of this law office, you will communicate directly with your attorney and you will be actively involved in every aspect of your case, from the initial contact through your review of the final Judgment, Order or Settlement Agreement ending your case.  By maintaining the personal relationship between you and your attorney, the office is better able to meet the challenges of your very unique situation and to achieve a final result that promotes the best interests of your family.

If you are getting divorced, there are many issues that may have to be addressed, either through mediation, negotiation or litigation.  These issues may include custody of your children, establishing a parenting schedule, calculating child support, determining whether alimony is appropriate and equitably distributing assets and debts.  Each of these issues will be addressed and resolved before your divorce is finalized.

Many times, family law cases do not involve divorce at all.  Ms. Samilson also has experience in negotiating and preparing pre-marital agreements and handling non-dissolution custody and support cases, domestic violence cases and adoptions; particularly step-parent, close relative, second parent and adult adoptions.

As unique as your case is today, your needs and the needs of your family may change over time.  Many times, even after a final Order or Judgment is entered by the Court, you may have to return to Court to enforce or modify certain provisions of your Judgment or Order.  Contact the office to discuss your options with your attorney and to decide the best course of action for you.